Chinese Antique Furniture Culture
The chinese antique furniture is of exquisite design, unique workmanship and careful carving. It has been the rare treasure and one of the most splendid parts of Oriental culture.

  Chinese Antique Furniture -- Small Cabinet

By size, we have so called small cabinets today. Small cabinets are convenient to find a place to put in home and increase the attraction of your home. Small cabinets are usually adaptable by a bed or sofa.


This style of small size cabinet is the functional piece, with the Chinese tradtional 'Big Red' painting on the surface.

It is a type of Chinese antique piece as it combines the beauty of Chinese classical carvings and painting in one, also with beautiful floral and birds design on the front panel with antique hardware. Especially, "Double Happiness" displays China style, as well "China Red" and "China Dragon" .

Small cabinet is the most suitable pieces can be put anywhere, can be a bedside, and be a lamp table, can be a small side table, can be a small TV table, can be a flower stand, can be a hall way table etc.


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