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The chinese antique furniture is of exquisite design, unique workmanship and careful carving. It has been the rare treasure and one of the most splendid parts of Oriental culture.  
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Connoisseurship of Chinese Furniture: Ming and Early Qing Dynasties

Shih-Hsiang Wang,Shixiang Wang,Chuan-Yu Yuan
This expensively printed two volume set is a study of the finest pieces from the Ming and Early Qing Dynasties. Many construction drawings and joint details, along with hundreds of photos. Shixiang shows that the Ming dynasty produced the finest traditional furniture, both in terms of quantity and quality. He also argues that Suzhou created some of the greatest furniture from this period, correcting a long-held belief that Suzhou and the Guangzhou style were responsible for only minor contributions.

Two 230 page volumes, 9.5x12.5, 673 b&w photos & color sections, hardcover
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Released: 01 September, 1990


Classical Chinese Furniture in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Robert D. Jacobsen
The Minneapolis collection is among the finest outside China, and this catalog documents it thoroughly and attractively. The llustrations and text provide the historical and social context of hardwood and lacquer furniture, primarily from the late Ming and early Qing periods. Catalogue entries were written by Robert Jacobsen and construction analysis provided by Nicholas Grindley.

272 pgs, 10x12, 130 color & 20 photos, hardcover
Usually ships within 24 hours
Released: 01 August, 1999


Classic Chinese Furniture: Ming and Early Qing Dynasties

Shixiang Wang,Shixiang Wang
Classic Chinese Furniture: Ming and Early Qing Dynasties. For furniture makers, this definitive work illustrates 162 pieces with beautiful overall and detail photos, and many technical measured drawings. For collectors, there's discussion of what to look for and how to determine a piece's quality. An amazing achievement.

328 pages, 9.5x12, 332 color plates & 187 b&w photos, hardcover
Usually ships within 24 hours
Released: 01 June, 1986


Chinese Furniture: Hardwood Examples of the Ming and Early Ch'ing Dynasty

Robert H. Ellsworth,Robert Hatfield Ellsworth
Here is the long-awaited reprint of the important pioneering study of Chinese furniture by R.H. Ellsworth. Profusely illustrated, it examines the historical background and gives detailed accounts on Chinese joinery, metal mounts, changes in seating surfaces, the dating of Chinese furniture, and conservation and restoration. New introduction by the author for this beautiful volume.

303 pages, 10.5x13.5, 31 color plates, 208 b&w photos, & 23 dwgs, hardcover
Usually ships within 24 hours
Released: 1998


Chinese Domestic Furniture in Photographs and Measured Drawings

Gustav Ecke
Long considered the seminal work on Chinese hardwood furniture in a Western language, this indispensible guide, now in a low-cost Dover edition, contains 161 superb plates that include photographs and drawings of tables, chairs, couches, cabinets, cupboards, and wardrobes. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Prelininary 1. The Box Construction & Its Platform Derivatives 2. The Yokeback & Kindred Platform Devices 3. Trestle Combinations 4. The Seat 5. Splay-Leg Cabinets & Related Designs 6. Square Cases 7. Cabinet Woods 8. Metal Mounts 9. Craftsmanship- Ornament- Dating 10. Cabinet Making after Yuan- Rise & Decline 11. Conclusion

161 pgs, 8x11, 161 b&w illus, softcover
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Released: 01 September, 1986

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